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The National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) is the parent body of the First Spiritualist Church of Salem. Here, find information for obtaining national certification for mediumship, healing, and ordination, and a directory of Spiritualist churches and camps throughout the USA.

National listing of online services and events for Spiritualist Churches across the USA. Facebook page.

The Morris Pratt Institute serves as the educational arm for the NSAC offering courses in Modern Spiritualism. Located in Wisconsin, the courses are by correspondence rather than on-site. Morris Pratt also houses a robust catalogue of books on Spiritualism.

Located in the quiet lake town south of Buffalo, NY, Lily Dale is a Victorian-era village populated entirely by Spiritualists. Open to the public for the summer months, it offers book shops, boutiques, workshops, Inspiration Stump, mediums and healers, the Marion Skidmore Library, and the headquarters for the NSAC. 

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