Members' Unfoldment Class

Rev. Oshada facilitates the members-only spiritual unfoldment class. She comes to this role after more than 30 years as a medium and a decade living and studying with the Lakota-Sioux on the Pine Ridge Reservation. 

An accomplished medium, healer, and trance medium, Rev. Oshada gently facilitates the unfoldment of each members' spiritual gifts.

Our Story

The First Spiritualist Church of Salem is a chartered affiliate of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches since 1894. Our church has been helping mediums and healers unfold their unique spiritual gifts for more than 125 years! 

Our members' unfoldment class is for the serious student of Spiritualism and is taught in the Spiritualist tradition with both a seminar portion and a development circle as a part of each class. The goal for those sitting in this class is to be of service to Spirit, be it as a healer or a medium, serving on the platform of the church or serving in other, less public ways. The shared objective for every student is simply to be of service to Spirit and humanity. Therefore, this class is for the serious student willing to cooperatively and lovingly work with each other and their spirit guides toward their unfoldment and that of their fellow students.

To enroll in this class, you must be a member of the First Spiritualist Church of Salem and commit to the weekly schedule of classes. In addition, each student is expected to live by ethics standards established by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, even though we are not certified workers. As ambassadors of Spiritualism, our conduct both within the church functions and outside of them are relevant. To serve either the First Spiritualist Church of Salem or from the platforms of other churches, the student must be approved for such work by both the Pastoral Committee and the class facilitator. 

Phases of mediumship explored and developed through this class include: spiritual healing (laying-on-of-hands, distance healing, trance healing), inspirational speaking (spirit-inspired/influenced and trance), and spirit messages (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.). Although physical mediumship is always possible (objectively observed phenomena), the class focuses on mental mediumship (subjective phenomena) and message work is developed using the direct method, meaning that the medium goes to a specific person to deliver a spirit greeting rather than delivering the greeting and then finding the recipient. 

To Register or For More Information

To register for the class, use the Contact Us form to obtain the registration link and payment option.