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New in 2023!


Trance Healings

Individual and group healings every second Saturday of each month beginning January 14 at 1pm. RSVP for an in-person individual trance healing or attend the group healing at 2:30pm. Individual healings are approximately 15 minutes. Individual healing suggested donation $15; group session $5. Use the contact us form to notify us that you would like to schedule an individual trance healing. Trance healings are not available by Zoom.

Reiki Share

Certified Reiki practitioners gather to give one another Reiki healings and to share best practices and experiences. At Reiki shares, Reiki healers offer each other the safe space, harmonious atmosphere, and benefit of each others' experiences. Every third Saturday of the month beginning January 21 at 1pm. Suggested donation: $10. Click for more info.

Meditation for Everyday









Creating Sacred Space

Attend this fascinating workshop in person or by Zoom! Children ages 5 to 17 years old attend for free when accompanied by a registered parent.


First, we want to thank all of the members and friends of the First Spiritualist Church of Salem for your flexibility, your moral support, and your financial support during these difficult days amid the pandemic.

Although our tight-knit church community is unable to gather at the church, we have watched our community expand in ways we could never have imagined. The blessing within the lockdowns and social distancing mandates is that we had to move our services into the Zoom format.

Zoom services and events allow us to welcome people from all over the world to the soulful and uplifting community that is the First Spiritualist Church of Salem. How wonderful to share our community and our spiritual journeys with people of all nationalities!

Though we are not meeting at the church, the physical building still needs care and attention. It still needed to be heated through the winter so that the water pipes would not freeze, and electric, internet, phone, and other regular operating expenses continue unabated. And with the spring and summer, we need to turn our attention to the grounds and gardens. 

Therefore, your donations and participation in events is as critical as ever. For those who have already contributed, thank you thank you thank you! For those who would like to contribute, simply click the donation button and make your donation by PayPal. The church community is ever-grateful for your generous support. 

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