A new way to do church.


BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 11, 2022, the First Spiritualist Church of Salem offers HYBRID Sunday services. Attend in person or connect via Zoom, we bring you some of the finest inspirational speakers and mediums from across the USA and internationally. To join a Sunday service, simply click this Zoom button. 

Unleash your Spiritual gifts

Spiritualism offers a set of 9 Principles from which to unleash your own, unique spirituality and spiritual gifts. With positive guidance from our spirit guides through the practices of mediumship, Spiritual healing, and meditation, we share our life and spiritual experiences to grow individually and as a community.

The First Spiritualist Church of Salem offers hybrid Sunday Services by Zoom that begin at 5 p.m. with healing and end with spirit greetings to comfort, heal, and demonstrate that life is continuous--our spirits live on!

Music and meditation feed our souls each Sunday. 

Everyone is welcome at the First Spiritualist Church of Salem. We invite you to a new way to do church!


Pastoral Committee

Patti Brooks
Pat Cizewski
Joyce De Fazio
Janice Kaplan

Advisor: Nancy Karolides



Chartered in 1894, our church is located in the historic McIntyre District of Salem, MA. Originally built as a Quaker Meeting House, the sanctuary is an intimate space for meditation, prayer, and connecting with spirit.

The Pastoral Committee provides spiritual leadership and guidance to our community and the Board of Trustees ensures the future of the church through fund-raising and building improvements.

We offer a spiritual community of like-minded souls through our Sunday services, Spiritual Unfoldment Circle, and the Karma Kafe Coffee House for social and learning events. 

We invite you to visit us and experience the life of the spirit!


Inquiries for renting our beautiful sanctuary for small ceremonies, such as weddings and baby namings. To inquire, simply email us using our Contact Us form.


Board of Trustees

Patricia Brooks, President
Anthony LeCondino, Vice President
Janice Kaplan, Secretary
Alana DeAngelis, Treasurer
Laura Rubio, Trustee
Tyra Karolides, Trustee