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Why Would I Want to Be a Medium?

People pursue mediumship development for lots of reasons. Some people want to become professional mediums, making it their line of work. Others want to be able to communicate directly with their spirit loved ones.

Most folks are content to attend Spiritualist services, psychic fairs, and other such events without ever developing their own mediumistic abilities. And although that decision is fine, there are good reasons to investigate your own abilities.

First, everyone has some level of psychic/mediumistic skill. Just like some people are born with a natural talent for music, others are not but through study and practice, they, too, can develop their musical abilities.

Perhaps you are interested in becoming a more spiritual person. Mediumship development can lead to spiritual growth, for sure. However, some people believe that a medium is naturally a more spiritual person. This is not true. Very good mediums are not necessarily

very good-hearted people. That is why it is important to develop your mediumship in a stable, positive and informed environment. You want to learn with like-minded and like-hearted people who have the best of intentions. If spiritual growth is your goal, mediumship is a great way to continue that journey through communication with your spirit guides and understanding Natural Law and how it applies to both mediumship and your daily life.

Maybe you are simply curious about mediumship and whether you have the ability—or maybe you have had experiences that piqued your interest. Healthy curiosity is a valid reason for wanting to explore your psychic/mediumistic potential. When you realize that you, too, have the ability, it is a great confidence booster. The first time you touch in with spirit and feel and know their presence feels magical, and the wonderment never ceases.

Then again, maybe you have “had the calling” toward the spiritual/religious life, but

traditional religions don’t align with your own beliefs. Developing your mediumship, whether as a healer or a spirit communicator, is a very sacred practice and a beautiful way to answer the calling.

Whatever your reasons for being drawn to mediumship unfoldment, it is a good one because the benefits go beyond your initial reason(s) and bring a richness to your life. For example, as you open to those on the spirit side of life, you may also find yourself opening to those on this side of life. The love that you feel from your spirit loved ones and guides is truly unconditional, and having received such love, the natural inclination is to expand it. The way we expand it is to extend brotherly and sisterly love to others. We become more neighborly. More inclined to engage with others in honest ways—removing our “social masks” and simply being ourselves.

As you begin to experience your own mediumistic abilities and receive messages directly from your spirit guides, you realize that you are truly never alone and that you have a support system on the spirit side of life, ready and willing to help you. This knowledge allows us to face challenges and changes in our lives that might otherwise throw us off center, frighten us, and prevent us from attaining a more fulfilled and happier life. In other words, in developing our mediumship we learn to trust more—other people, circumstances, and most importantly, ourselves.

And, in times like these, where so much is uncertain and life has become challenging, not only for us individually, but collectively the world over, our mediumistic skills allow us to take a step back and understand that this is another necessary step on the road of human evolution. Sometimes change is hard—even brutal—and seemingly unfair. Being able to tap into the higher vibration of life through our spirit guides is a balm to the soul, a natural tranquilizer to the nervous system, and a boost of optimism to our mental health. Being meaningfully connected to spirit, and truly feeling and understanding our interconnectedness with all life, brings peace and compassion to our daily lives and to our world.

What better reason is there for you to begin the journey to explore or expand your mediumship?

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