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Animal Blessing: What You Need to Know

The service begins at the usual time, 5pm EDT, with the usual Healing Service. The healing service is for human healing and begins with a meditation. It lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. We will immediately begin the Animal Blessings Service following the healing.

You are invited to bring your companion animal to the Animal Blessing Service. ALL ANIMALS MUST BE APPROPRIATELY RESTRAINED BY SECURE LEASH OR SUITABLE CARRIER. Please do not bring rabbits, cats, or other small animals wrapped in a towel or on a leash; small animals must be in carriers for their safety and remain there throughout the duration of the service. 

Remember that predator (dogs) and prey (everything else) will be in the same space and we don't want to stress out the prey animals or their humans.

Do not bring your pet if any of the following pertain to your animal:

  • Your pet has stranger issues. For example, becomes outrageously hyper, barks incessantly, snaps, growls, bares teeth, etc.

  • Your pet does not do well around other animals. For example, barks incessantly, nips, cowers.

  • Your pet already has a contagious disease such as parvo or FIV.

  • Your pet experiences fear and discomfort being transported and confined. This is typical of cats. 

If your animal is known to express any of the previously listed conditions, please leave the animal at home and bring a photo of the animal instead. Our healers are experienced in distant as well as in-person healing and we will work using the photo of your beloved pet. 

Watering stations will be available throughout the church and you are free to take your animal outside or downstairs, when needed, during the service. Every animal in attendance will receive a toy after the service concludes.

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