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Hi myname is Lily Dale because I sport sunflowers, the symbol of Spiritualism, on my dusty blue body! Lily Dale is the oldest active Spiritualist camp in the USA located in New York State. I am 23 inches tall with an 8-inch tail. I have brown trim, my baby blue eyes are stitched (not glued) on and I have a lovely satin yellow ribbon bow. I'm looking for someone 3+ years old to give me lots of snuggles. 

Hi! I'm Lily Dale!

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  • Lily Dale is a dusty blue and brown sock monkey, handmade from "tube socks" with a sunflower print on her body. She has blue eyes with black pupils that are stitched in place and wears a removable bright satin yellow ribbon around her neck. This stuffed animal is appropriate for anyone ages 3 years old and older (though for a 3-year old, you may want to either stitch the ribbon in place or remove it altogether). Lily Dale is 23 inches tall and has an 8-inch tail. 

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