Kirsty and Matt Grogan
October 2

Sunday Services: A New Way to Do Church

Hybrid Sunday services begin at 5pm, attend in-person or by Zoom

Janice Kaplan
October 9

PASSCODE (required): 1225
Meeting ID: 359 432 1611

Rev. Marrice Coverson
October 16


Patti Brooks
October 23

Sunday Services are held on-site and by Zoom on Sundays beginning at 5pm. These hybrid services include features such as live music, guided healing meditations, in-person spiritual healings during the healing service, and spirit greetings (both to those in attendance and those participating by Zoom). 

To keep everyone healthy, we ask that you practice smart and courteous health protocols and maintain distance in the pews and in socializing. Masks are optional, however, our healers do wear masks for the healings.

Please do not attend services in person if you are feeling even slightly unwell. Be alert to headaches, fever, sluggishness, coughing and/or sneezing. Please help us to maintain a safe and healthy sanctuary and congregation.

NEW Classes!

Three classes to choose from! 

Explore Your Gifts

by Marcia Berg-Haskell


This is a Zoom only class open to the public for all levels of mediumship, from the beginner to the advanced. Marcia is a long-time Spiritualist and an artist. The only requirement is that you must be 18-years of age to attend. Cost is $100 for 10-weeks and registration is available now at Eventbrite.

Spirit Awakenings

by Patti Brooks 

This is an in-person class held at the First Spiritualist Church of Salem. It will explore your spiritual gifts, such as mediumship and healing, in a gentle environment. Taught in the Spiritualist tradition, including the unfoldment circle, Spirit Awakenings is open to the public and for both the novice and the experienced medium and healer. The only requirement is that participants be at least 18 years of age. Cost is $100 for 10 weeks and registration is available at Eventbrite or at church before or after the Sunday service. The class meets every Tuesday beginning October 4 from 7pm to 9pm.

Serving Spirit

by Patricia Cizewski

This class is for mediums and healers who aspire to, are readying to, or are already serving Spiritualist churches. This class focuses on inspirational speaking, direct delivery of spirit greetings, laying-on-of-hands healing, and light trance. It includes exercises, platform practice and protocol, unfoldment circle, and natural law and the Spiritualist principles. This is an in-depth class and those who wish to participate must make application to do so and be approved by the facilitator of the class in consultation with the pastoral committee of the First Spiritualist Church of Salem. Cost is $100 for 10 weeks or $50 for First Spiritualist Salem members who also are enrolled in the Spirit Awakenings or Explore Your Gifts class; registration follows application approval only. This class is not listed on Eventbrite. It meets on Wednesdays beginning October 5 from 7pm to 9pm.


Upcoming Service Speakers


Karma Kafe

Upcoming Events

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