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September 10


Sunday Services: A New Way to Do Church

Hybrid Sunday services begin at 5pm, attend in-person or by Zoom

Sept. 10

PASSCODE (required): 1225
Meeting ID: 359 432 1611

September 17


September 24


WHAAT? The Hybrid Upgrade is Happening!


Upgrading our hybrid services technology is underway! We are setting up a schedule with a professional who specializes in configuring churches for hybrid services. 

What We Know

Hybrid services have been hit or miss in terms of sound quality and visuals (especially for remote-serving mediums). 
We know that the hybrid platform has been unstable. 

What We Don't Know

We don't have the expertise in-house to assess and fix the problems. 
How much it will cost to fix the problems.

What We're Doing

We are using a professional engineer to assess our technology, make recommendations to fix the problems, purchase any new equipment that is needed, and train us to run successful hybrid events and services.

What You Can Do

You can volunteer to be a quality tester during the upgrade and give us in-the-moment feedback on what is working and what is not working.
You can donate to the upgrade by sending your donation by clicking the Donate button (it will take you to Paypal) or by sending a check made payable to First Spiritualist Church of Salem and place AV in the subject line. These monies will be deposited in the church's designated Building Improvement Fund. As soon as we have estimates on the costs, we will post them here. Any money above and beyond the upgrade will be used to build a reserve fund for all church building improvements.
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Unfoldment Classes

Stay tuned for an array of classes geared to every level of spiritual unfoldment delivered in person and by Zoom. 

Trance Healings

In-person trance healings continue through the summer on the second Saturday of each month. Individual healings are approximately 15+ minutes each and begin at 1pm on  a first-come/first-served basis. Suggested donation: $15



Upcoming Service Speakers


Karma Kafe

Upcoming Events

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