Sunday Services: A New Way to Do Church

Sunday services are suspended until September
The First Spiritualist Church of Salem takes a break for the summer, from June until the first Sunday after the US Labor Day in September. This gives us a chance to prepare for the upcoming season and take care of maintenance of the church building.

This summer we are adding plants to our gardens (hopefully they "take") and setting up our media center so that we can provide hybrid services in the new church season. We intend on returning to services in the church, starting in September, and broadcasting them live via Zoom for all of our congregants who are unable to physically attend the services, either due to distance or physical restrictions. 

Over the summer, we are offering two events as of now: Gallery Readings in July and another in August by our British Medium friends, Rob Parkes, Kirsty Grogan, and Matt Grogan (in July) and Beverly Mann and Carolyn Allsopp (in August). 

Tickets are available for the July 30th event at Eventbrite.


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