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Reiki Shares

Every 3rd Saturday of each month. Begins January 21 at 1pm. Facilitated by Reiki healer Tyra Karolides.
Suggested donation: $10

Reiki Healers

Reiki Shares are designed for certified Reiki Healers only. You must present your Reiki certificate at the first Reiki Share that you attend to verify that you are a certified practitioner. 


Share Reiki treatments with other Reiki healers. The Reiki Share gives each healer the opportunity to heal and be healed during each share. In this way, Reiki practitioners maintain their energy and well-being.


Sharing healing sessions and receiving feedback, insight, and peer support is a part of each Reiki Share. We give time for healing and for learning through sharing. In this way, we evolve spiritually as healers and a healing community.

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